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invesiigators... 3 3& up on republicans so hee 3 -3 3 3& pncluded - 3 par. & 3& "it's juut hhrd because 3&pto death o 3 after that 3 & 3 3 the 3& ever heard new
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3 over the so far... no 3&ptheebiggest point ffotinggthe bbll, p3 & 3 the booze. strength bourbonn 3 most were saff 3 preebruary 3 allhhogh... 21-year 3 this time....accused 3 before the ull 3 & 3 laat niggt. 3 frrnetic dance 3shake shake 3 now the thhrd 3 3 3&phere to taae over - 3 half hours on 3 tte bipartisan 3 33 come try it? it? 3 plan to cut about 3 3 witnessed the traumatized. 3someooe else to than a week... they show 3 3 all morning. 3 trrction on the 3 humphries are 33 and you can till 3 3 exppoded.htmm -3 p3 was given aa 3 & 3 exploded.html 3was givennaa
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3 3 monnay february 18th -3& 3 3 33 &3 3-
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3 a student from severn is stabbed to death at school pver the weekend.21-year oll edmond st. clair was a ssudent -3 at the niiersity f marylandd - eastern hore campuu. campus.megan gilliiand is llve ffrmmstate pollce headquarters &pin pikesville with more on the search for suspects at this hour. 3 good morninn guys,the stabbing took place on cammus... but sshool officers have assed state policcehere to take ver -3 the investtgation. rightt now... they areeinterviewinn possiile witnessees -3 witnesses.from ssudents... to 3 weekenn... and saw he whole thing unfold.he told invesitgatorss.. they were night... when ttey came aacoss broke clair... was stabbed in the chest.the vvcttms brother ran for help... flagging down a campus police officer. p3 greg shipley: 01:12:10 "an indiiidual ran up to herrcar asking herrto ome to help & someone had been stabbed... lying on the side of he roadd" tyrone
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powers:10:40:05 "places that ww thooght were kind of saared... and thht has cchaged drastically." -3 drastically."st. clair ied a short timeelater.state police say... they are lloking for & three to four suspects.... coolege age afrrcan ammrican & appears they had some -&pkind oo ongoing dispute with arrests have beee made. 33 this is the second murderris less than a weee... involvinn students..appennng?we sat down -& with gent to find out... next half hour.i'm egan illiland, 3 33 news.fox45 orning i'm megan &pgilliland, nnxt half hour. that's coming up agent toofind -3 out... a foomer f-b-i agent to - find out... that'' commng up -33 next half hour.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morring 3 news. 3 a stann off in hagerstown ends with a teenager in the hospital... and a 38 year old jenerette dixon held the teen in his home for 2 and aa alf hours on saturday.. before she ran from theebuidling with a -3 kniff in her chest.she is in the hospital with serious injuriis.dixon is charged with
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attempted murder, reckless &ppndangeemmnt and a weapons offeese. 3 a maantenance worker at a &pschool gets liie in prison... ffr sexually abusinn two girls.. and filming happpned here at lake shore &pchristian academy in pasadena. 62- year- old "paul lorenz the thiid""was lonngtime he pled guilty to hargee of sexual abuse, produciig childd pornography and posseesing it. puthoritiee were tipped oof when a girl told her mother 3 her about six years ago... when heeliied in a trailerron school property. 33 a leekeddimmigration proposal drawing sharp criticism from repuubicann.the biggest point & f ccntention?a clause thaa would give illegal immigrants a chance to become permanent residents in just a ffwwshort years. acccrding to a draff that was leaked to usa today,,the bill would create aa speccaa ew vvsa specifically &pwould allow them to stay in the countryywhhle hey wait for permaneet legallssatus. even those with criminal records would be welcome so
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-3 long as they haven't been ponvicted of three crimee or spenn more than a year n &pprison. it appears to be a long way from the bipartisan plan that's slowly taking phapeeon capitollhhll. 3 mccain says: "llaks don't happen in washinnttn by accident. this raiies the conttnue tt wonder about, does the president really want a & result or does he want another 3 cuugel to beattup on republicans oohe hat can get - next election?" 3 the white house says thh president is simply following through on hisspromise to have &pa plan of his own ready toogoo if coogress fails to act. - san frrncisco 49er fans aae still paying up n some lost bets. this time at the - inner harbor. 3 ttanks to the ravens super bowl win, a group of children and thhir areets will be checkiigg ut rippee's believe it or nottfor free this morring. joelld tell uu wwo's foootng the bill, and which attractions 3 good morning jjel d. 3 3
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3 3 a baby makes surpriss 3 saloo. marquitta anderson s a beautician at the salon aaddwas just over eighh months pregnant when she work. she had felt contractions, buu didn'' think they were cllse enough to go 3&p3 anderson says: "right aater my water broke, here heecomes. &pi'm likeei can't hold it guys. & thy said call the pprameeics, you can't haveehimmhere, and i -3 said i can'tthold it, hh 's coming out." outt" the hhalthh boy
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peighs sii pouuds, even ounces. 3 are you our biggest fan??hen 3 3 everyday we'll pick one of our viewers rom our facebook 3 ffx45 news aa become a fan just ggoto our facebook page....ffcebbok dot com slash 3&pcoming up... 3 try it before you buy it. it.where you can go or a frre demo of the hottest new exercise trend... in our hometown hhtspot.
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ttink you have mastered yoga & on lann?... maybe you hould try ii in the pool.paddle board yoga is takinggplace t wellness center in harbor east. pam bennett from the maryland athleeic club & pellness center is streaming -3 nnw forrthis mornings hhmetown hotspott- what is paddle board yoga?
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3 - do we have to beean yoga expert to mmster this?- hen can we come tty it? it? 3& paddleeoard yooa
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3 free demos re feb..211ttand 23rd at the mac gym n hhrbor -3 learn more log on to fox baltimore dot com slass morning. 3 3 3 3 3 & 3
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3 3-3 3 -3 3
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,3 3&pcoming up... 3 300 bucks coold be yours!we & draw another name in oor freebruary contest in just 10 minutes..nd you can till get your name in the box.. & foxbalttmorr. 3"he ouldn't even ssand. he was just, ahhh, you know. nakedd" -3 naked."and... a 10 year ld.. wanders around a neighborhood.. drunn.wwo was watching him at the time...and where he goo thh booze. you're watchhng fox 45 mmrning news.. all loccl.. all
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hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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3 pewwthii mornnng... 3 walk-out by many oo its joorralists. on iis website the b-b-c says memberr of he national union off ournalistsswent on strike in protesttof layoffs. p the coopaay says it was 3 and radio news proggams.
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anaaers plan too cut about 2-ttouuand jobb over hiring ffeezes and other aws.. 3 makerrs markkbourron says they won't water own after alll the liquor compann - announced it s reversing its - decision to add water to its bburbon. tth move global demmnd .... but after hearing outrageefrro pustomers, maker's mark said today it will resume full- strength bourbon production. 3 police are investigating a case of suspected child abuseeafter aa 10-year-old lorida boy as seen wandering round a police found a half 3 brother's brandy inside the -3 hhme. they saa he boy ggt the allohol from his ccretaker who was found intoxicattd and passed oot aa 3 the boys blood alcohol level was point 108 - 08. 3 p pressdent obama picked off his presiient'ssday &pweekend withha round of golf. - sunday the commander ii hief teamed up with tiger woods to polish up
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hii game on the greens at a 3 p the ppesiient met woods back in 2009 when thee legendary athlete visited tte white houss. 3 coming up... this is what happened.. he last timeethey & got together. together.3:00 look at this he justtleans in amnddbiies him -3 himbut hat ikeetyson and aboutteechother... after meeting up this weekend. 3&p explosion nats nats 3 and... a meteor.. injures 3 coppnggthis'rr watching fox 45 mornnng news.. allllocal.. all morning. 3 ((break 3))
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xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options call 1-888-xarelto or visit && exposion nats nats a eteor craahes into russia... and peoppe thhre re -3 sttll pickiig up the pieces this morning..he explosioo injured more than one-thousand people.crees are now scrammling o get evvrything start of the work week.but as &&pphil black tells us... maay of the children who witnessed the & blast... are still recovering from wwunds we ccn't see..- see. & 3 this small siberian village --3 is usually a quiet south of the cityyof chelyabinsk.but on friday
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morning they like veryyne in thh region wwre shocked by - what they saw..n intensee 3 smoke acrosss he sky. kindergarten worker olga who were in this room raa to the indows hen they saw the light.. ut she felt omething & was wrong and moveddthem away. sse says hh wws still facing shockwave the windows bbew in, flying glassscut 3 she didn't notice beeause she was worried about the children. & most were safe buttterrified. three year old sasha suffered deep cuts to her heaa and face. her motherrmarinn ivanovna ran toothe kindergarten after she 3shaking," she says."i grabbed 3 down. loo of kkds werr crying too."ksenna zarrina was also in the room that morning.
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she wasn't hurt physically by the last.but her mother says she's traumatized.she's been too afraad to stand next to pwnnows and she keeps asking if the glass is goiig to breea again.ekaterina galuza says she nderssands whht the children of this viilage are feelinn.she sayssthe blast as own childhood memoriis from 3 the visible damage to tte bbildiigs and peoppe of this regioo can be easily repaired..- but tte meteor's impact oo -3 sooe wwll ake longeertooheall phil black, cnn, near chelyabinsk, russia. 3 coming up... 3 starttyourrwork week off... wwth an extra 300 bucks ii &pyour pocket.we raw another pinnerrin our frrebruary contest righttafter the break.and yyu can still get yyur name in the box.. facebook dot com slash 3
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3& -3 3 3p 3
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3 a stabbiig at the unversity of mmryland eastern shore ddad..t happened over the weekendd.. and this morning suspecttsmegan gilliland is llve from tate police headquarters in pikesville... investigation. good morning guys,althoogh... 21-year old edmond st. clair was stabbed toodeath on campus... schooo officersshave askeddstaae police take over the investigation. investigation..e're told they are interviewing witnesses
6:34 am
now... frrm sttdents o the victims brother who was visittng ooer the weekend.he told investigators ttey were -3 pdiving on campus saturday night... when they came across a group of guys... and a fight - broke was 3 died just short tiie later. it's the second mmrder in less than aaweek... involingg uuiveesity offmaryland ptudents.former f-b-i agent... tyrooe powers... says it's &pproof that police need to step up raining in response and prevention. tyrone powers:10:30:32 "the campus police departtents aae going to have to ooerate like police in any urban enviionment. the campusshas become almost aacity in and of itself."michelle peters: 11:099 "it's juss hard because campus ii so big....hard to have police fooce evvrrwhere." everywhere."offfcials say thee was taageted.why... they are nottrrleasing.we know they re looking for three to four suspectt... college age... -& african americannmen. so faa no arrests have been & mmde.liie innpikeeville, i'm &pmegan illiland, fox45 orning
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nees. 3 he's already serving a 100- year prrson sennencc ffrra violent crime p- g county mmn ii due back in court.. this time... accused of killing a mother aad er daughter. daughter.jason scott is chaaged with killing delorrs dewitt anddher 20 year old daughter ebonyytheir bodies were found in a burning car in largo bbck in 2009.the former u-p-s worker was sentenced last year for ozens of armed ttat sentencing,,a judge told him e'd bb remmmbered "as onn of he most hated people" in theecounty.openinggstattments are expected tomorrow morning. dozens of peooll in californii are picketiig outside the los angeles police 3 rrtesters ay they didn't aggee witt dorner's actions .. but they believe hii accusations ffracism and & nfair treatment ii tte l- a-p-d. others accused &ppolice of acting as a judge, jury and exxcuttonerr dorner died ffom a ssngle bullet wound tt the heaa &pduringga police standoff last
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killld four people during hii rampage. p3 baltimore city democratic leaders have a nnminee to replace theelate hattie harrissn in the house of delegates. members f the central - ccmmittee have sent nina - harper's name to finish out parrison's term representing the 45th distrrct. harrison died in january at aae 84. 3 harper's nameewill & go before the ull central commmttte one wednessay. after that it'll e & porwardeddto ggvernor o'malley for a formal appoiitment. &p3 on presidenns daa ne of the more unique pllcessto ponor our former leaders is the "ripley's believe it or not museum" at the inner harboo. p3 and a special group of will be therr this morning, ... thanks to the baltimore thhre ow 2 explain why. why. -3 3 3
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3 3 3
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3 tte last time mike tysoo and -3 evander hhlyfield got -3 tooetter... yoo remember what happenee... happened...3:00 look at this he just leaas in amnd bitesshim himso it's no surprise that over the weekend at a promotiooal event.. the crowds came oot to sse hattwould - happen.but thh two prize fighters played nice.. and didn't even xchhnge verbal - jabs. 3 tyson says: "i just wanted to 33 evander..i'm foreeer linked with him. for theeress of my pife."tyson says: "it became a ppsitive because love and foogivenesssis involved." involved."thh wo even posed - for pictures together. & coming up... 3 latonya haynee hasn't called. sheehas just 20 minutes befooe her 300 dollaa prize rolls
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over into our next hour and ww - draw nnther name!staa tunnd to see if you''e aawinnee. & winner.aad you can still get your name n the box.. foxbaltimore. 3 3 you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all porning. 3 ((break 5))
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he learned to read in secret while it was illegal in america he travelled to canada for medical school when pennsylvannia turned him away he appealed directly to the president to join the union army in 1862 and dr. alexander t. augusta was not alone the little known stories of
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black civil war doctors revealed on 'the 700 club," monday at 10:00. in)) 3 the b-mmre heallhy eepo returns to ballimore... saturday, february 23rd. -3 can get health screenings... see 3 ssaaes of áliveá enttrtainment... a fit and fun kids zone... and much 3& expo starts at 100a-m at the - baltimore convention enttr..- 3(toss to weathee)) 3& ((ad llb meteorologist))
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33 3 3
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&p3 3 coming up... 3 a man slaps a toddler on a flight. &pffight.why he says he did it... and the consequence hh's now facing ttis morning. ((break 6))
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new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. -3 3&p new this morning... an idaho man is fired after allegedly slappinggaatoddler - on a delta air lines flight. sunday .... joe hundley was fired as an executive aa an aerospace company. earlier hundlly used a rrciaa slur against her 19-mooth-old son and then slapped the child -near the eyye causing him to & bleed. hundley who & was reportedly drunk at the time claimed the boy as too big to sit on hhs mother's lap
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ann that the child wouldn't stop crying. -3 3 thaa brings us to our question of the day.shhold the mannhave peen fired for slapping a toddler? we'll take your calls in our 7 o'clock hour. 3 you can also gg to us what yoo thinn... sound ff &pthrough facebooo or end ussa tweet.. at foxbaltimore. & 3 reader's digest pi filing for bankruptcy 3 magazine's puulisher maae the filling lateelast niiht. declared ankruptcy in 2009. according to its -3 pebsite, the magazine has been in continuoos publication pince 1922. 3 pieces of 3 gettinggauctioned off in mmssachusetts. one bidder spent 629- &&pthousand-dollars onnthhs air force one bomber jacket once &powned by president john f. 3&&pincluded documents, photos, letters, birthday cards and -3 gifts. they alllcome from the estate of david powers ... former curator f phe john f. kennedy library anddmuseum. 3 p an australian
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mmgazine has released new photos of the pregnant duchess of cambridge inna bikinn. &p "woman's day" has ignored objectionn from the royal family and published the unauthorized picturrs. hii wife catherine on a beach on the caribbean island. -3 the magazine paad 155-thousand-dollars to publiss thh imagee. put residents in aussralii say thhy have mixed feelings about what's een done. -3& 3 remember all thh alk about the debt ceiling ann the fiscal cliff?now there's a new phrrse coming ut of wwshiigton: "sequustration." && nd in less than two weekks that ord ould impact your life. 3 emmly schmidt joins us live - mooe.
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3 1) what are the chances congrrss willlreach a deal the 3 chances congress will reach a deal to avvod sequestration??
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332) how id we get to the idea of ssquestration in the first plaae? 3 coming up... try it before you buy it.where you can go for a -3 free demo offthe hottest new -3&pexercise trend... ii our craze is sweepinn the nation. nation.original arlee shake nats
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nats 3 we show you what happees when some universiiy offmaryland watching fox 45 morning news.. - all locall. ll morning.
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3& (((pat))move ooer gangnam style..there's new ppenomenonncandace is here 3 shake and it's popularity ago, few peoole had ever heard & of the "harlem shake,"...herr's what it'' alll about 3 harlem shake nats nats
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3 the harlem shake was released last ay. the track has gone virall with aboot 10 million views.this weekend.. it climbed all the way o the top oo itunes' all-genre top -& everybody is doiig their own version ... ittwas recently & reportte that 4,000 "harlem shake" videos are e being uploaded every day. but here is one of my favorites... 3 nats:umd harlemm 3shakee- sttdents from the univeesity of maryland college park id men's baskkeball game versus
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duke.the assistant athletics pirector of marketing at the uniiersity oofmaryland - 3 stuuent flash mob aa a men's basketball game.thhs was a -3&phuge game.. so it seemed like 3 before theeggme... she decided to dd a twist and do the harlem shake.students 3 on saturday and staff memebers - pot on he mic ann taught everybody the dance.the yeah.. assa former erpp cheerleadde i shouud tell you that maryland beat duke... 83-81. 33 in other eeterainnent news.. reality tv star kim kardashhin and her long- estrangeddhusband, n-b-a player kris humphries are finnlly heading to divvrce court. a los angeles in may . thats more than a pear after the couple separated. kkrdashian aad humphrres werr married 3 wedding inntwo thousand and eleven .... but the marriage - only
6:56 am
lasted eventy two days. 3 forest whitakerriss furious at one manhattan deli. the oscar winning actor says he was frisked aa - "milano market""aftee an employee accused him of shoplifting. 3 whitaker as abbut to llavv the deli when one of thee workkrs claimmd to have seen him snag an item rom the whitaker was given a humiliating ppt down in front oo everyonn ... but no items were found. he has asked the store to change thh way ii treats its customers ... but ssore - employees aae denying the incident ever took lace. 3 weather kid funny nats nats 3 a boy in north dakooa its the airwwves to give the weether - and viewers are hhokee!nine annappparence on a north dakkta t-v station's weatheer
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performance has gone viral.. and now the third grader is dealing with the onsee of 3& coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... 3 will go up to 400 dollars! 3 will gooup tto400 dollarr! listen or yoor name sometime 3 minutes.and you can still get - your name in the box.. facebook dot com slash ffxbaltimoree
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3 a studenttii urdered on the caapus of a maryland university.who police are with the case. 3 sticker shock at the pump.howw & much gas prices have gone up in the laat montt.. and the reason behind the surge. and... a mall closes because of too many ustooerr!the -3&preason beeind he massive crowds. 3 3 monnay, february 3 11.
7:01 am
,3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 & 3 & 3 a student from severn is
7:03 am
3 over the weekend.21-year ld edmond st. clair wws a student at the university of maryland eastern shore campus. 3 phe stabbing ook place on campus... but school officees to ake over the investigation. right now... phey are interviewing possible witneeses. witnesses.from sttdents... to the victim's brrther... who was vissting for the weekend... and saw the whooe thing unfold.he told &pinvesstgators... they were driving on campus aturday night... when they came accoss 3 broke clair... wws ssabbed in the chest.the victims brother ran for &ppolice officer. 33 greg shipley: 01:11:10 "ann individuul ran up to her car asking her to come to help someone had been stabbedd.. 3tyrone ppwers:10:40:00 "pllces &pthht ww tyrone powers:10:40:05 "placce that weethought were kind offsacred... and that hhs changedddrastically." prastically."st. claii died a short ttme later.state police ssy... thhy are looking for three to four suspects...
7:04 am
college age african american -3 appears they had some kind of ongoing dispute with the victim. ss farr.. no arrests haae been made. 3 a stand off in hagersstwn ends with a teenager in the hospptal... and a 38 year old man under arrest.policc say jenerrete dixon held the teee in his hooeefor 2 and half hoursson saturday.. before she - rannfrom the buidling with a &pknife in her chhst.she issin the hospital with serious iijuries.dixon is charged with attempted murder, reckless endangermmnt and a weapons 3&pstill no arresss, thhs morning...aattr a flea market raid in dundalk.16 vvndors at the northpoint flea market were serred with seaach wwrrants...on saturday. baltimore county police saa for months...uudercovvr detectives have been buyingg counteefeit goods from enddrs..- 3&p"cops everywhere, should i get out the car, staa ii the ccr, yoo just never know you just neeer knno" --3 3 police say the vendors weree selling fakes... of brand
7:05 am
3 face, polo aad gg.they're paiting on counterfeit experts 3 a big maal in houston as so busy ooer the looked llke the weeeend before chriitmas. & fact it was so crrwded, thh firr marshal shut thh mall down eerly!mall officials said the inside was ssoppers said they saw tweets and pictures online of celebrities who werr inniie. the mall reopeneddsunday at its normaa time. &p3 ggs prices continueett -3 skyroccet amid rising oil prices, refineey clossres, and proddction ccts.drrvers are feelinn the pain t the pump. the national average for a gallon of regular gasollie hit three-73, today.prices have risen every ayyffr the last 32 days. 3 changee are coming to the g-e- d, after this year.starting in witt curriculum aaooted by most states to innrease college and career preparation.
7:06 am
it will also change from a & paper test to aacomputer onn. san francisco 49er fans aree & still paying up n some lost bets. this time at tte inner harbor. 3 thanks to thh ravens super bowl win, group of chiidren and their parents will be cheeking oot ripleyys believe it or ot for free thissmmrning.. joel d -3smith is live there now to tell us who's footing the bill, and which attraations could be the most popular. good morning joel d. 3 3 -3 3
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3- 3 a city rec center schhduled toopermanently closee...reooees instead. down last summer .... asspart the mayor's pllnn to close dilapidated buildings and centers with little staffing. buu the founders of the youth -3 sports proogam sstpped up to phe plate.....nd will now operate thii north east rec center. 3&p(38:27)soccee basketball mmntoring......before after school programs.... programs....the city closed nearly ten rec centers last summer... but promises o the next few years to build &paad renovate four tate of the artt facilities. 3 the b-more healthy expo returns to
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februury 23rd. can get health screennngs... see 3 ssages of állveá enterttinment... a fit and fun kids zone... and much much mmre.tte b-more healthy --3 expo starts at 0 a-m at he baltimore convention center. we'll see you there! our freebruary contest continues...ith the ackpot at 400-dollars! 400-dollars!we're drawinn - another name.... less than 300 minutes so stay tuned! tuned! 3 you're watccing fox 44 mornnng news.. all looal.. all morning. 3 ((break ))
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3 -3&p
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3 3 3 3
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3 president john f. 3 kknnedy's bomber jjcket...gges for a steep price at annauction! -3&pauction!the pretty 3 keeesakeeand neet n your pometown hotspot..where you
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&pcan erge your love of wattr... pnd yoga... wittout dealing morning news.. all local.. all ((break 2)
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours
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and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. 3natssof seevice 3 huge crowd packs sainttpeter's square for one of he pope's plast sunday prayer serviiee. pope benedict the sixteenth pelivered his second-to-laat angelus blessing yesterday.the more han 50--hoosand peoplee.. but police put it at doubbe hat number. his sseech didn't directly meetion his decision to resign... but asked loyal pilgrims to pray - for him... and the next ope. p pieces of & presidential history are getting auctioned off in - massachusetts. one bidder spent 629- thousand-ddllars on this air force
7:20 am
one bomber jacket oncc owned by president john f. kennedy. other they all come from the esttte of david powers ... former curator of the ohn f. kennedd library and museum. p,3 nnts of song songg & b siiger, mary j. blige might be singing the - blues over her financial issues.blige was hht with a 3 in the state of newwjerseyy ttissjust adds to her money problems.earliir this monnh, the singer alleggdly defaulted pn a bank loan..aad back in november, blige and herr - husband were hit with a pawsuit for failture to pay -3off another loon. 3 3 try yoga in the pool!paddle boord yoga is taking place at the marylanddathletic club & eest. pam beenett from the
7:21 am
weelness center is strraming hotspot. 3 --what is addll board yoga?
7:22 am
3 - what will we 3 learn in the demo?- what elsee can we see? see? &p 3 ppddleeoard ogaafree demos & are feb. 21st nd 23rd at the 33 learn more log on to fox paltimore dot ccm slash morning. & 3 spacc and earth...collide!!- earth...collide!a
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space xpert explains what hhppens now ... could be yours!local.. all morning ews.. all watching 3 of ourrbox.. n just noohee name out be yours!we're &pdrawingganother name oot of our box.. ii just minutes.of our box.. n just minutes. morniin news.. all local.. alll [ male announcer ] what's in a can of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america. picked
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3 3 p a meteooite slams iito ruusia ... senddng glass and ddbbrs flling .. injuring more than a thousandd peoplee days later .... an asteroid zooms past eeath .. closer than we typicaaly see.. o what is going on? mike hankey with the american meeeor society oinssus this morning. -should we be worried that the
7:26 am
sky is falling 33&p-what's theesizeeof and meteoritebetteen asteroid -difference diffeeence
7:27 am
3 between asterrid and eteorrte aad meteorite-hhw common are meteors ann asteroids asseroids meteors and -hhw --ow commonn re meteors and asteroods 3 -why did this one hit russia
7:28 am
hii russsa nd did we hhve any & iidication it was cooing-is there a wwy to 3 divert them-when and where will the next one hit &p 3 33 get hha ddaling finger ready!!! reaay!!!another name is coming ouu of our box anddit could be 3 move!yours... so don't 3move!
7:29 am
3&p((bbeak 4))) tte debate over he health beneeits oo alcohol.ssme - distubring newwinforration on foo 45 news at five.
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3 shwan map -3&p 3 a tabbing t tte unversity of maryland easterr shore 3& ddad.itthappenee over the weekend... and this morring police are searching for suspects..- sussects.megan gillillnd is at state police headquarters in -3 pikesville... wweee they are headiig up the investigation. good orring, megan. & egan.
7:35 am
3 baatiiore city
7:36 am
nominee to replace the aae haatiieharrissn in the house of delegates. embers of the - central committee have seet niia harper's name to finish &&pout harrisonns term representing the 44thh distrrct. harrison died in jannary at age 84. sheewas the longesttserving delegate in the house. & befooe the ull central committee one wednesday. - after that it'll bee forwarded to governor o'malley for a formal appointment. a 18-year-old chicago woman s pilled juss ouus after her sister sat oo stage at president obama's speech aboutt gun violence at a school.janay &pmcfarlane wws hot once in thh headdaround 11-30 at night on prrday innnooth chicago.she waa visiting friends and family.mcfarlane's 14 year old sister, dessini atttnded the president's speechhatthhde park career aaademy... where he paid tribute to hhdiya & penddlton... who wws fattlly phot last month. 3 dozens f people in poutside the los angeees police department. protesters
7:37 am
3 dorner's actions ... but they racism and unfair treatment n the l-a-p-d. others accused police of acttnggaa a judgg, jury and xecutioner. dorner died froo a singll bullet wouud to the ead 3& eek. police say he - killed four people during his 3 one texas teacher uses an unusual hands on approach to instrrct his students..ttat 3 injured.anotheerstuuent caatured this on his cell phhoe...of a teecher.. lasso-ing a was part of a cowboys ann herding methods lesson.the teacher ii caught... lasso-ing the &pstudent around tte neck.. peaving ttese marks.some pareets are outraged, but other commend the teacher on his hands on approach.that teacher has since been sussendedd 3 an idaho man is fired after allegedly slapping a toddler on a delta air lines flight. flight. sunday .... joo hundley was ired as ann 3&pcompany. earlier
7:38 am
this month a mother says hundley usedda acial slur against her 9-month-old son and hen slapppd he child bleed. undley who was reportedly drunk at the time cllimed thh boy waa too big to sit on his mother's lap -3&pand thatttheechild wooldn't stop cryinn. &p3 ttat brings uu to our question been fired for slapping a toddler? phone lines arr open now...the number tt caal 410-481-4545. & youucan also go too ffx-balttmore dot com and tell & us wwat you think... souud off phrough acebook or send us a tweet...attfoxxaltimooe. 3 on presidents day one of the more unique laces to honor ur former leaddrs is 3 not museum" at he inner harbor. 3 and a sppcial group of children and thhir families will be there ttis morning, and they won't pay a hing! &p... hanks to the baltimore & there now 2 eeplain why. &pwhy. 3 3 3
7:39 am
3 &
7:40 am
3 3 bundleeup... before you head out,,thissmorning... ecause 3 ácollá!!ust how cood it will ggt....nd when we can see rain showers again. again.3 p you're
7:41 am
3 watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.
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3& ((bump in)) 3 3 ((ad lib meteorolooist))
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3- 3
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3&phe lost hhs cool..and his job! job!joe hundley was irrd after he used a racial slur... and slapped a fussy toddler while on a flight. flight.thaa brings us tooour - question of the day.should the man have been fired for slappiig a toddler?our phone lines aae open now.. 4400 p81-4544. you're
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
nimation)) &pwhat do you think?joe - hundley... lost hii position as an executive at an aerospacc company..because hh &pallegedly slapped a crying toddler... causing him to bleed..and it gets worse.. the mother cllims he ussd a racial slur. slur.hundley was reportedly drunk at the tiie.we'reeaskkng you... do youuthink he should plines are open now.. 410- p,3melody-hampden
7:52 am
3& henrietta- 3baltimore bbltimore3 denice says.... "i thank god there was not a male relative on board. if that was my child theyywould still be trying to puul me off of him. him a man , he is a coward." coward."joan says..... "yes he shoull be fired and senttto jail foo ssaultt ann child abuse." abuse."kehliaasays... "yys he has no ighttto put his hands on that hild!" what -3 the heekkis wrong with society!""- society!"shawnypoo says.... ""ill i gooto jail for - slaapinn him?"
7:53 am
thousands of faailiee... 3&phave been forced o dip iito... in the aftermatt of super storm sandy, sandy,ann phillip tunstall called in and claimed hii 400- dollars!donn' worrr.. you can still win!we'reedrraiig another name... in our nnxt - you're watching fox 5 morning news.. all local.. all pornnng. ((break
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at 800-974-6006 tty/v. 3 3 victims of superstorm sandy say they are begging thh banks - toorelease insurance money.and while they wait, ssme are forced to use their lifee savings to complete reppirs. &pdeb feyerick followed just ooe pf the 66thousand faailiis dealing with this... this... begging for money issnot something catherine hall ver phought she would have to do. - i
7:56 am
had to run to a bank two give me a loan just so i can pay my contractor. and ooce he is finished doinggthis segment of theework we have tt stop becauue we have no more money. nearly four months since super storm sandyydestroyed her home in islann park, new york -- 3 britain -- has been calling &pper mortgage bankee almost every day. sse'ssbegging them to release insurance money -- so she and hee family can 4 year little old boy who m and basically wee pent his college fund, ou know the money we put by since his & birth towardssbeing able too send him to college later in life is what e spent. its and their four year old soo -3 nathan have been livinggin a hotel since ovember. this video she shottddring sandy home and neighborhood. the - halls are among more than 6000 famiiles still waiting for insurance money. new york's governor blamed nnecessary red-tape and accused banks of failing to release more thann
7:57 am
insurance. the roblem ii some lenders equire proof the reeair has been made, beforr they will reimbbuse ffr he coss of that repair. there's a you know, that just don't havee any money. and they're being percent of the work nd then thee'll get thirty percent of the money. do 50 percent of thh work, you'll get 55 peecent of the moneythey reason tteyydo that i think is that they are scarrd yyu will get a check and leavea and leave thee with property & that is not ellable. yoo know but we haae invested a lot of 3 ouu in the house and we have invested a lot of moneyyin the house and this is our hooe...banks contacted -3 this ii our hhme...banks wells ffrgoo jp morgan, & cittbaak and bank of america tell cnn they have distributed more than 75% offinsurance money. the hall's mortgage &&plenddr, who they asked e not pame, did not respond. you & know we came here to live the american dream and now we are llving he american nightmare - pecause
7:58 am
thee re holddng our money and we cant get aadditss not fair its not fair on annone and everybooy i in the same position every body like i said o you a&.i don't know of a single personnwho has had a dime!!!!! and the waiting and uncertainny is taking a 3 ssorm itself 3 coming up innour 8 'clock hour.. --3 3 the jaakkot s bbcc ddwnnto 110-dollars for our freebruary conttst!which one f these thousands of names.. willlwe draw!find out .. in about 30 minutes! you're -
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3 3 student is murdered onn
8:01 am
3 university.who police re looking for... in connection with the case. 3 it's worth billions.but why this year... and is actually getting a refunn. 3 and... never lose your phone again!howwa new line of ácloohhngá.. that promises to keep track of any martphonee. works. 3 3 3 3 monday, febbuary 18thh-- 3
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3 3
8:03 am
3 &p3 a student ffrm severn ii stabbed to death at school over the weekknd.21-year old edmond st. clairrwas a student at the university offmaryland easteen shore campuss campus.too rodgers has more on phe search for suspects... 3 storres. 3 the stabbing took place on campus... but school officers have asked state police to take ovvr the investigation. right now... ttey are interviewing possible iinessess witnessee.thh victim's brother
8:04 am
was visittig for the weekend... and saw thh whole thing unfolddhe told invesitgattrs... thhy were night... when they came across aagroup of guys and a ight - broke clair... was stabbed in the chest.the victim's brother raa for help... flagging down a cammus police fficcr. 3 greg hipley: 01:12:10 "aa 3& asking her to come to help lyinggon tth ide of the road." &p10:44:00 "places that we phought were kind of sacred... and that has changed drastically." 3 shhrr time later.sttte police say... thee are looking for & three to ffur suspects... college age african american appears they had some kind of ongoing disputeewith the victim. 3 ccontry music star mindy -3 mccready is foundd ead at ge 37... of an apparrnt suicidd. suucide.mcready's bodyywas discovered sundaa on the frontt porch of her arkansas home.her death comes just weeks after her music producer-boyfriend died of hat authorities had wound.mccreeay hit the op of
8:05 am
thh countty charts in the 3 problems beean to derail her career beggnning in 2004. battleewith er mother over one of her sons. 3 she had a lonn struggle oo -3 regaining custody of her chhld had custody of again and again with her boyfrieed and things went off in a bad direction after he killed himself. himself.mccready leaves behind a six year old son and a son 10-months-old. 3 wikileaks founder julian assange reveals his -pintentionss.. to run for senate seet in australla. austtalia.asssnge reportedly plans to reeister a new & pikileaks paaty"... that wwuld run on a platform of -3 government transparency. he &palso allegedly said that he believes his bid will forre the u-s and britain to drop criminal harges against him... unless theyywant to risk diplomatic roo wiih
8:06 am
australiaa the u-s epartment of justicc has been - innestigating wikileaks since started postinggclassified documents. facebook is expected to get a & half-billion-dollar refund 3 tax justice says it found in &ppacebook's annual eaarnngs -3 report...and after crunching the numbers... th watchdoo -3 group says social network won't owe any axes on its pne-point-one-biilion dollars &pin profits for 2012.the tax &presearch group says facebook is using sttck options and ooher forms of compensation to investors and employees for the write-off. 3 san francisco 49er fans are still paying up on some lost pets. thii time at the innnr harroor 3 thanks o the ravens super bowllwwn, a group of ccildden ann thhir paaents will be checkinggout riplle's believe it or not forrfrre -3 thii morning. joel d smith is live there now to tell us who's oottng the & ill, and which attrrctions &pgooddmorning joel d. 3 3 &&p
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
,3 3 3 a college student in canada semester... thanks to an amazing half--ourt shot... he didn't even make himself! himsslf!the rulls of an ongoinggcontest at bbandon - university alloo theeperron who's aatempting he hhlf-court hot... to selectt &psomeone else tt ake the friday... the randomly--- selected student opted to have basketball coach gil heung & take the shot instead. you can see... hee nailed it.cheung playyd foor yearr of college bassetball himself.
8:10 am
3 coming up... taking yoga... to the neet level. level.the classes....that add a little water inttothe mix. 3
8:11 am
8:12 am
3 ((break 1)) 3 p3 yoga can be hard enoogh standing in aaclassroom bbt what about in tte pool?paddle poarddyoga is ttking place at & the maryland athlettc cluu & wellness center in harbor
8:13 am
east. jessie bensoon.. paddle board yogg instructor... ii streeming now for this mornings hhmetown hotspott- what s paddll 3 board yoga?- whht will we
8:14 am
3 learn in theedemo?- what else can we see? see? & 3 paddleboard yoga free demos are feb. 21st and 23rd at thh learn more og on o fox baltimorr dot com slash morningg -3 3
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3 3 -3 3 3
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3 3 coomng up... cuttiin edge designs... with a purpose. & purpose."technology, i thinkk haa always been a part of ffshion." fashhon."the futuristic looks... hat will elp keep track of your gaddets. professsonaas.the experts teach us how to tame curly're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all
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3 ((bump in)) 3 if you haae curly hair... don'' waste yourrtime trying &ptt make it strright... let the students at american eauty academy take care of youu deborah grant ffrm the ameeican beauty academy joins us for this morning's makeover monday segmmnt.- how can we get 3 our hair straight when it's so curly?- is there a special
8:22 am
3 technique we should use? 3 - hoo can we get a
8:23 am
3 discount whenngettiig our hair done?stick around 3 deborah grant will be joining us during good day baltimore to show us the finished product. morning. 3 coming up... unauthhrized published.thh hefty sum ne & magazine paid for the ikini &shots. 3 combiniig fashion... with 3 who's ffgured out how to marry cceativity... witt technology you're watching fox 45 morning
8:24 am
news.. all local...all morning. 3 ((break 3)
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8:26 am
p,3 ((bbmm in)))- 3 3& fashhon weee in new york is comiig to a clooe as it rrmps up in europe.laurie segall & clothing ddsigner ho premiired somm futuristic fashions this weekk 3 -3 p33 here at fashion week, yoo'll see the latest fashion hitting the runwayy, but wwat you haven't seen is high-tech fassion of the futtre's asher 3 from john legenddtt lady gaga. but unlike most ddssgners, - thii 244year olddfashion wwzz is sending "tech" down the runway.nats... this is the computer chip hat e've embbdded innour premium jackets his fall colleccion: a
8:27 am
smartpponn coonected clothing line. how many of you have lost your gloves, it'll be &pembedded in our gloves the - chip conneccsswith a trackkr app on yyur smartphone wwattwe in the ittms you might llse or left behinn or those really walk away, this is your proximity wwll flaah preen if you're close and then it willlgo into yellow and orange, anddthee it will eep if you walkeddtoo far - i've got my ssartphone and i &pif you can't find your ppooe you can ress a button on your gloves and your phone will aatomatically rrngfor levine, this technology, a coolaboraaion with a blue phone halo, represents the &pnext frontier of faahion. always bben a part of fashion..- you see it evvn in gym socks, to ssy gps system isn't what's -3 hasn't been done before, so whht we do a lot partnershipp with different - technology firrsswhere we kind
8:28 am
of sit around the tabll and wee that's what levine did last peason in another feat combining tech and fashion: he compann makerbot, which allows you to print 3-d designs at home. the ouucome? prrntable - clotting.i thought why not be -3 pble to download a ppece, or 3 thooght ffwould bb llke sunglassss when it comes to what's next, leeine's liie also experimentt witt fabric.. we incorpooate innovation whether it's a partnership with a tech company or - innovation of our own mmterials..ike this iss actually a liquid beforr it -3 becomee thisso if higg-tech is the fashioo of the future, what does a levine line doon the roaddlook like? perhaps a & weather reading jacket.maybe the next one is ww haae thatt -3&pdevice talk to communicate some sorr of aii &pyou have aadevice that rrads phe ouuside temperature and phhn you go outtide, it autooaaicalll inflatt to the ideal level tookeep your booy temperature at its optimumm.- nats runway heers...
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commnn up... we're giving away more monny in ur ááreebruaryá ontest. channe to win.if you waan to enter... go to ffcebook dot com slash fox baltimoreeyou're watching fox 45 morning news.. 3
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3 ((open))3 3 3 it's our free-bru-ary giieaaay! giieaway!everyday in february we're giving away 100- dollarr aa hour. hour.óóóóóóóyou have 30 3 minuues to calllus at the number oo your screen. screen.if you don't all in.. your prize rolls oveerinto the next hour or someone else to win!!- win!toet yoor name in thh
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& box.. go to facebbok dot com slash foxbbltimore and fll out thh can also gg thhrr to read compleee contest & rrles. 3 3 3 3 map 395 map
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3 33 a ssabbing at the niversity - of maryland eestern shooe & dead..i happened over the weekend... and this morniig police are ssarching for suspects. suspects.toomrodgerr has more on the investtgation... along with the morning's other stop storiee. 3 allhough... 21-year old eddond st. claai as stabbed to death on campus... school officers &phave askeddstate olice take over he investigatioo. investigation.we're told they are inneeviewing witnesses 3 vvctii'ssbrother....who was visiting ovvr he weekend.he told innestigators they were driving on campus ssturday night... when they came across a group of guys... and a fight broke was - stabbed innthh chest....and died just a short time later. less than a week... involinn &punivvrsity of maryland
8:35 am
3 proof police need to sttp up training in esponse and prrvention. 3 tyrone powees:10:30:32 "the campuuspolice departments are poing to have to operate like police in any urban pnvironment. thh campus has becomeealmost a city in and of 3 "it's just hard becauss caapus 3 police force everywhere." everywhere."officials say the victim n this recent case... was targeted..hy... they are not rrleasing.we now they are looking ffr three to foor suspects... college age... african ameeican menn 3&pthe agent for double amputee and track star "oscar pistorius" says his client's 3 the rest of the year..- yeaa.the announcement comee just days aftee the 26-year- old's girlfriend... odel 3 dead in hhs home in south africa.pistorius remains behind bars after being -3& arrested for premediitted murder.aasmall churrh ccremony was held esttrday... sending prayers to the track star aad his girlfrieed. -3 33 booysen says: "sspporting both families ith prayer and - pncourageeent
8:36 am
and not taking sidess'' pound shot multiple times early friday morning in pistorrus's home. if convicted of murder... -3 pistorius faces uppto 25 yyars in prisoo. -3&p3 an australian mmgazine has released nnw photos of the pregnant duchess of ambridge ii a biiinii -3 3 "woman's day" has -3 ignored obbeetionssfrom the rooal family and pubblshed the unauthorized picttres. - ttey show prince william and his wife catherine on a beach - on the caribbean islann. thh magazine paid -33 but residents in australia say thhy have miied feelinns about what's been done.. 3 "it's just invasive and & they've ot people paying people bbg money to bbsically spp on thhse people when theyy tteir privacy on the beach.'' time. i mean, if she was really orried about it she wouldn't be prancing around in a iiini anyway, right?'' right?'' the ritish publishhng the pictuues while they conttnue to fighh stricter regulations
8:37 am
on the ppess. best buy is gettinggready to - lauucc a new "price maaching" policy. policy.starting nnxt mnth... the store willlmatch the price of any item sold by llcal with 19 ajor onliie stooes... phenever a customee asks.tte matchhng initiative that took place during theeholiday & season. ggs prices continue to skyrocket amid rising oil prices, refinery clooures, aad producttonncuts.the nattonal average for a gallon of reguuarrgasoline hit three-73, &ptoday.prices aveerisen every day for the last 33 aay..- 3 on presiients day oneeof thh more unique places to honnr our foomer leaders is the "ripleyy' believe it or not mussum" at the innnr - 3 and a special group oo children and their familiee &pwill beetheee this morning, 3 ... thanks to the baltimore ravens. joel d smith is there noo to explain why. &pwhy. -3 3 33 &
8:38 am
8:39 am
3 3 phe an frrncisco zoo makes good... on its super bowl bet.
8:40 am
thhs is the zoo's newly- named baltimore ravens blacc rhino exhibit. enccosure in onor of tte ravvns... following in place for the next month. 3 cominn up... eejoy a glass of -3&pwine....and all the heelthh benefits that comeewitt it. &pprrnning a littll bit every -3 pay. 3 you're watching ox 455morning mmrninn. - ((break 5))
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3 3 ((ad lib meteorologiit)) & 3 3 3
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3 3 coming up... raise a glass... to good health. heallh.the bbeefits of drinking somm wine... every 3 p3 making a marathonn.. ááarderá. the good cause that inspired this mmn to dribblee basketballs... while ruunnng, you're watching fox 45 morning news...all local.. all morning. 3 ((
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3& heelthy?... grab a lass of wiie.nutritionist diia fradkin from g-b-m-c joins us can wine be 3 pealthy?- does all wines
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3 have somm health value?- when & does wine become
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3unheaathy? unhealthy? 3 to learn more log on to fox ballimmre dot com slash mooning. 33 coming up... making it 3 care.thh mobile gym... that 3 original arlem shake natsthe harrem shake... takes over
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& univvrsity oo maryland. you're watchhng fox 45 morring news.. all local.. all moonnnn. - 3 ((break 7)) [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder -- it's your last chance to get a $200 verizon visa prepaid card with fios internet and phone for business both with 99.9% network
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he learned to read in secret while it was illegal in america he travelled to canada for medical school when pennsylvannia turned him away he appealed directly to the president to join the union army in 1862 and dr. alexander t. augusta was not alone the little known stories of black civil war doctors revealed on 'the 700 club," monday at 10:00.3 3 ,3 get on the bus of health!
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aaeri-grrop ommunity care 33 community.diana quinn from amerigrouppcommunity care more.- tell us aboutt pmeeigroup??, 3& - what is the purple ticket?- where an ww see the bbs in phe future? future? p
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3 3 mmnday febbrary 18thh-& 3p 3 3 3
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